Our menu offers you an exotic adventure throughout the Republic of Chile and Patagonia with influences from many Latin American cultures. We offer empanadas, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks.

Patagonian Food is our eclectic mix of Chilean and other South American foods and ingredients. The cuisine is a very delectable fusion of Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Quechua, and Mapuche foods as waves of immigrants mixed varying culinary traditions. It is fused with the savvy health consciousness of California Cuisine. We like using staples and unique edibles from region and make them approachable. Our foods are found or will be found through the following means.

In our breakfasts we use agave syrup, and passionfruit and uñiberry jam made with our homegrown uñiberry. For our bread and empanada dough we like use gluten free flour and SmartBalance. For our Ice Cream we use Almondmilk and lúcuma powder or fresh cherimoya puree. As for our meats we source local butcher shops from small scale local farms. Our eggs are homestead raised by us. Our manjar is imported directly from Chile. The toothfish and queensfish, sea squirts and barnacles are custom imported from the South Pacific or Southern Ocean. The fruits and vegetables are locally procured. The Olympia oysters are produced by our own aquaculture. The olives are Azapa olive straight from Chile.

Magellenic Penguins, Patagonia, southern Chile