About us

Above: A Chilla /chee-yuh/ fox, Chile

Our mission is to open a restaurant in  Sausalito or San Francisco, CA while continuing to offer great empanada catering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our vision is offering a unique taste experience through exotic Chilean and Latin American foods that are approachable while maximizing the usage of local homestead and natural ingredients.

In 1979 the family arrived from the Republic of Chile fleeing persecution in South America while bringing along with them tasty recipes for foods that just did not exist here in the U.S.

In 2000 Doña Cecilia saw the growth potential for the empanada business in the U.S. and began catering empanadas under the “Las Calduas” name.

In 2017 we changed out name to Café Patagonia Foods Co. and began our quest to expand our operations while launching our first Wix website

In 2018 we planted out first lúcuma tree and uñiberry bush and switched over to our wordpress site.

In the future we wish to procure unique South American ingredients or grow them locally and sustainably ourselves. These include sea squirts, brama brama fish, lúcuma fruit, uñiberry and other Patagonia secrets!