Loca for lúcumas!

It seems like it was just the other day we planted our first lúcuma tree at the Humboldt Park Homestead where we raise our eggs and grow our tomatoes! Our plan is to one day serve fresh lúcuma ice cream to our most special customers instead of relying on the lúcuma powder which is the only viable means we currently have making the dessert. Lúcumas according to our research will grow anywhere avocados will grow and we have a nice avocado tree going for nearly 20 years now just about as long as Doña Cecilia ran her catering business. Lucumas are an amazonian treat, the kind of look like a mango on the outside and taste like butterscotch on the inside and are rich in potassium. It is one of the most tasty ice creams around, better than chocolate we swear!


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